Deploy your model as a real Intranet

Coming_April_transparentGo beyond the design phase with the IntranetWireframes Generator API.

Coming April 2011 you will be able to implement your actual Intranet directly from your wireframe with the following platforms:

  • adenin IntelliEnterprise 10
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010 (coming June 2011)

Implementation with other platforms to follow soon. Any specific platforms you would like our Intranet generator to connect to? Tell us here.

Try new ideas

As your Intranet requirements evolve and you want to add new features to your Intranet, simply create a new version of your wireframe and re-generate the Intranet. You won’t lose any content or information that is already published.

And change back

If the new version doesn’t work as well as you hoped, simply re-generate your Intranet with the prior model version.