Getting started

Getting started

Browse through our handy step-by-step guide and explore IntranetWireframes by clicking the screenshots.

Step1_ScreenshotStep_1After you have set up your account hit ‘Start Modeler’ to open your models. Firstly, we will have a look at one of the many templates provided to see an example of how IntranetWireframes works. That helps you to create yours.




Step2_ScreenshotClick on the blue and green links to navigate through the wireframe. You will see that the model is fully clickable and every page is ‘pre-filled’ with sample web parts to give you an idea of how the actual intranet will look like.

By clicking ‘Overview’ on the upper tab bar you will get back to the first page.



Step3_ScreenshotCopy an existing ‘Template Model’ to give you a starting point that you can edit yourself.






Step4_ScreenshotClick on ‘Edit Model’ to start customizing your first own Model.






Step5_ScreenshotRight-click any item in the list item to add a new or edit/delete an existing page. Using the arrows on top allows you to organize the page structure and set the hierarchy level of the page you have selected.





Step6_ScreenshotClick ‘View Wireframe’ at any time to instantly see how your model looks like.




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