IntranetWireframes.com is a community where people who design Intranets can create wireframe models quickly and easily, share those models with others as well as get feedback.

quoteWith the pre-defined models, page templates and modules, wireframes that used to take days to create can now be completed in as little as a few minutes.

IntranetWireframes.com is the brainchild of Henry Amm. As Henry and his team worked with customers, they noticed that it took a long time to work through the design and definition phase of creating an Intranet – often much longer than it took to build the actual Intranet itself.

Henry wanted to make it easier for customers to design their Intranets in order to save time and decrease implementation time.

He built an engine to help create wireframes faster and then added models as well as templates to provide an easy starting point for customers. The concept took on a life of its own and Henry decided to open up the wireframing capability to anyone who was working on an Intranet, regardless of what software they would actually implement.